High-Risk Moms: Our Common Bond By Catherine Halpern

My high-risk pregnancy was certainly a challenge. But because of my experience I connect to people on a much deeper level and I know what matters most. I have been a Sidelines volunteer since 2007. To date I have worked with eighteen moms experiencing high-risk pregnancy. Each mom and baby has a special place in my heart. I feel honored to play a small part in the incredible journey of these amazing women.  In my experience we high-risk moms share common traits.

High-risk moms have a willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of a healthy baby. Often that requires putting our lives on hold for restricted activity, medical procedures, medication with unpleasant side effects or even strict bed rest. It’s tough to give up your freedom and your normal life but it is not forever and the benefits far outweigh the discomfort!

High-risk moms have a fierce determination to get the best outcome possible. The moms that most inspired me were the ones that dealt with each medical hurtle unflinchingly. They learned all they could about the condition, asked educated questions and got other opinions until they were satisfied they had done all they could. These amazing moms refused to give up hope even when they met with resistance from the medical staff. Their determination continued in the care of their babies after birth to give them the best start possible.

High-risk moms have a deep and unconditional love for their babies. They showed this love by the sacrifices they made for the sake of the baby’s health. They proved this love by being proactive in their health care. They shared this love in their unconditional acceptance of the beautiful child they were given by loving them as they were, for who they were. These babies turned out to be just as amazing as their moms!

I had a long list of pregnancy issues but I have no reason to dwell on the negative aspects of what I went through because I have a beautiful healthy daughter and I have my health as well. My daughter Jennifer was born at 33 weeks, 3lbs 4oz. She is now a bright, loving, creative teenager. We have the most amazing bond. I wouldn’t trade my high-risk pregnancy experience for anything!


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