Some Things To Do For A Mom On Activity Restriction

  • Bring her a pint of ice cream
  • Do her laundry or fold clothes while you visit
  • Bring her some scented lotion or shower gel
  • Lend her books about childrearing
  • Give her a pedicure and paint her toenails
  • Change the sheets on her bed
  • Fluff up her pillows
  • Bring her some lip gloss and breath mints
  • Call her on the phone…often
  • Send her a card for no reason
  • Visit her at home or in the hospital (but make it short)
  • Bring her flowers or vegetables from your garden
  • Bring her old magazines
  • Buy her the hottest book on the best seller list
  • Take her a bottle of flavored sparkling water and fresh limes
  • Bring her take-out food from her favorite restaurant
  • Shave her legs and rub on heavy cream
  • Email her e-cards and encouraging stories
  • Remind her of the wonderful thing that she is doing!

© Sidelines 2014. Compiled by the volunteers of Sidelines High-Risk Pregnancy Support.

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