Who Are the Sidelines Volunteers?

volu1All of our volunteers are women who have experienced a complicated pregnancy. Some of the volunteers were women supported by Sidelines during their difficult pregnancy and are anxious to "give back" to other woman during this complicated, worrisome time. Others didn't know about Sidelines until after the completion of their pregnancies, and recognize how valuable peer support would have been to them. All of these women know firsthand how difficult it is to put your life on hold to do everything possible to bring your baby close to term.

How Many Volunteers Does Sidelines Have?

Sidelines currently has over 4200 trained volunteers and almost all of them support families online. We have volunteers in each of the United States including Hawaii and Alaska, and several in other countries around the world.

Meet a Volunteer!

Sidelines Volunteer Spotlight - We often feature a different volunteer on our Volunteer Spotlight page. Here you can read about how they became involved with Sidelines, what their high-risk pregnancy was about, and suggestions for moms currently experiencing complications.

How Do Our Volunteers Support You?

volu2The volunteer you are matched with will support you by phone or email during the remainder of your pregnancy.

Our volunteers offer unique emotional support and understanding to women and their families experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. We do not give medical advice. We encourage compliance with doctor’s orders and that medical questions be answered by your health care provider. We are confidential, empathetic and dedicated!

Please go to our Contact Sidelines page to reach us by phone, or click here to fill out a form for email support.

Does Sidelines Cost Anything?

No. We are a non-profit (501c3) organization supported by generous organizations and individuals who fund us through grants for operations in various communities. Funding from the March of Dimes, Obstetrix Medical Group, AmniSure and PerkinElmer, Inc. helps to pay for our educational and training materials, annual magazine, internet and phone bills.

We base our support on these contributions, and on those of families, extended families and friends, who believe in what we do, and give what they can. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to help continue our support to high-risk expectant families, please go to our Donations page.

Apply to Become a Volunteer Here

Not Ready for a Volunteer?

If you would prefer to start by receiving our Left Side Lines Magazine which includes great articles, information as well as high risk pregnancy tips, and link up with a volunteer later, tell us. We're here to support you.

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